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Item #: 8455016258998
SKU #: 38N2T

Keeps identification visible at all times. Holds two standard size ID cards; CAC card, Smart Card, credit card and other forms of ID. Can be used in vertical or horizontal positions. Name Badge Label Length: 2 1/2"; Name Badge Label Width: 3 3/4"; Orientation: Horizontal/Vertical; Name Badges per Unit: 24.

Price: $31.02 / BX
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Item #: 8455016259782
SKU #: 9AD9V

Made of durable plastic and features a waterproof tight closure. Holds up to 7 cards. Perfect for carrying CAC cards, smart cards, IDs, credit cards, keys, or cash. Includes a 36" premium, black, cord lanyard with swivel hook attachment with a detachable buckle. Also includes an adjustable slider and safety breakaway. Name Badge Label Length: 2 1/2"; Name Badge Label Width: 3 3/4"; Name Badge Label Color(s): Clear; Orientation: Side Release Buckle.

Price: $70.65 / DZ
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Item #: 8455016452732
SKU #: 3VV8V

The best way to protect your identification with this anti-scan card holder. Holds up to two cards, can be displayed vertically or horizontally and offers an easy slide in/out thumb-notch profile. Attaches to neck lanyard or identification card reel. Name Badge Label Length: 2 1/4"; Name Badge Label Width: 3 1/4"; Orientation: Horizontal/Vertical; Name Badges per Unit: 250.

Price: $863.96 / BX
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Item #: 7520014936006
SKU #: 8GP2R

The desk starter kit is an essential kit to welcome a new hire without the hassle of hunting down basic desk supplies. Contains 21 essential items including two message pads, 8 1/2" x 11 3/4" ruled white SKILCRAFT writing pads, self-stick note pad, paper clips, rubber bands, stapler, staple remover, tape dispenser with tape, wooden ruler, letter opener, three SKILCRAFT ballpoint pens, three No. 2 SKILCRAFT pencils, four-pack of SKILCRAFT fluorescent highlighters, white correction tape, medium clam clip paper fastening system with refills, 7 mm mechanical pencil with lead refills and scissors. This kit is not only convenient, but introduces new employees to AbilityOne products and the SKILCRAFT brand. Contains: 21 pieces; Color(s): Assorted.

Price: $54.91 / KT
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Item #: 8455016258997
SKU #: 6GW8F

Great for holding keys, ID cards and more. Lets you wear your credentials around your neck to facilitate faster security screening. The breakaway connection detaches when the lanyard is pulled taut, making it safe for use near machinery and other safety threats. Holds badge without attaching to clothing. With side-release buckle. Fastener Style: Side Release Buckle; Lanyard Color(s): Black; Length: 36"; Safety Breakaway Connector: Yes.

Price: $58.44 / DZ
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