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Item #: 7930016005750
SKU #: 9AU6M

Safe, economical, ecological and efficient. Delivers the power of cleaning right at your faucet. No special equipment is necessary. Simple, safe and economical. No unnecessary shipping of water and throwing away plastic bottles. Reusable bottles are 100% recyclable. Application: Tiles; Applicable Material: Ceramic Tile; Glazed Tile; Grout; Chemical Compound: Organic Salts; Grease Releasing Agent; Dirt Types: Grease; Oil; Soil; Body Oil; Soap Scum; Hard Water Stains; Uric Salt.

Price: $45.50 / KT
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Item #: 7930016005751
SKU #: 7FT6P

Dramatically reduce space by storing this compact box of 12 refill cartridges. Save on storage space, stay organized and save money compared to ready-to-use cleaning products. Each drop-in refill cartridge will create 32 oz. of ready-to-use cleaning product when combined with water. Application: Bathroom; Dirt Types: Rust; Dirt; Grime; Soap Scum; Water Stains; Fungi; Mold; Mildew; Scent: Citrus; Physical Form: Cartridge.

Price: $25.75 / BX
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Printed on 12/12/2019 00:47 AM