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Top Five Reasons to Buy American-Made Products

Buying domestically-manufactured, assembled and packaged products is important for many reasons including the support of our economy and the creation of jobs. Investing in products made in the U.S.A, not only secures the future of business within our country, it puts your hard-earned money back to work in America.

Here are five important reasons to consider buying domestically-made products:

  1. Labor and safety laws. In the United States, consumer protection laws are in place to ensure the production of safe, quality products by all manufacturers. American-made products are developed under strict compliance regulations and undergo rigorous testing in order to guarantee this standard. These types of regulations also apply to labor standards, which are often lower in foreign countries. Unsafe working conditions are commonly tolerated, including those for children. Buying domestically eliminates the support of those practices.
  2. Independence. By avoiding imported products, you are strengthening America’s independence rather than looking to other countries for support. We are able to utilize our own resources, including our workforce, to bring more business to our country and continue to grow industrially.
  3. Providing jobs and fair wages. When you choose to buy in the U.S., you are contributing to the payment of an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work to your fellow Americans. The U.S. is one of the few countries with regulated wages, unlike many of those abroad. The more American-made products you buy, the more the economy is stimulated which results in more jobs being created and saved.
  4. Conserving the environment. Buying products that are produced overseas requires transportation, usually across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. This wastes an extremely large amount of petroleum, producing unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere. Also, many products produced overseas are manufactured using dangerous, heavily-polluting processes and chemicals. U.S. manufacturing processes are typically cleaner for the environment and healthier for consumers.
  5. Preserving the future of our economy. To summarize, buying USA-made products secures future business within America. It’s about keeping and creating jobs to allow our citizens to provide for themselves and their families. When you purchase domestically, you are helping to sustain and strengthen our economy for generations to come. It’s an important thing to do.     
IB Supply upholds the high-quality standards of domestic production by manufacturing, assembling and packaging products, like those from our SKILCRAFT® brand, in the United States for its wide range of customers. Shop our selection of American-made products through the links below.  

Printed on 10/28/2020 14:41 PM