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Item #: CHP5108
SKU #: 7GX3T


Powerful, highly focused spray reaches nests up to 20 feet above the ground, allowing you to saturate nests from a safer distance. Fast-acting insecticide works almost instantaneously, ensuring rapid wasp, bee and hornet knockdown and kill. With a dielectric strength of 40.1 KV, it's effective around high voltage areas such as electrical poles and transformers. Physical Form: Liquid; Pest Type: Bees; Hornets; Wasps; Capacity (Volume): 15 oz; Packing Type: Aerosol.

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Item #: DIA51913
SKU #: 3MJ7T
Brand: Combat®


Eliminate pesky cockroaches with convenient and easy to use insecticide baits. Cleaner than foggers and sprayers, baits provide an easy solution to difficult problems. They target nests, getting roaches where they breed. Baits provide long-term control. Use them in multiple areas at once. Simply place baits and watch them work—no monitoring necessary. Large Superbait for large roach control problems. Physical Form: Solid; Application: Indoor; Pest Type: Cockroaches; Capacity (Weight): 0.49 oz.

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Item #: TMS1047822
SKU #: 8VV9V
Brand: Enforcer®


Say goodbye pesky pests with a flying insect killer that creates an invisible barrier to kill small flies and other flying insects. Kills and repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and small flying moths. Metered flying insect killer designed for use in automatic metered dispensers (sold separately). Spray leaves behind a pleasant, outdoorsy scent. Physical Form: Liquid; Application: Indoor; Pest Type: Flies; Gnats; Mosquitoes; Small Flying Moths; Capacity (Volume): 6.4 oz.

Price: $183.03 / CT
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