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Feminine Napkin Disposal Bags

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Item #: BGC300314
SKU #: 2NN9F
Brand: Bagcraft

Nap Sack bags feature decorative printing that enhances any restroom environment. Waxed paper construction provides excellent leak resistance. Undercut lip enables easy opening. Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): Wax-Coated Paper; Depth: 2"; Width: 4".

Price: $45.87 / CT
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Item #: EXCLB1718
SKU #: 9BP1N
Brand: Ex-Cell

For Sanitary Napkin Receptacles Ex-Cell 205 WHITE and Rubbermaid Commercial® 13 (sold separately). Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): Plastic; Depth: 17"; Width: 17".

Price: $44.43 / CT
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Item #: HOS260
SKU #: 90J1R

Kraft waxed paper liners for Hospeco® 250-201W, ND-1, Sanisac and all standard wall units (sold separately). With gusset for better fit. Application: Sanitary Napkin Disposal; Material(s): Kraft Waxed Paper; Depth: 10 1/2"; Width: 7 1/5".

Price: $28.49 / CT
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Item #: HOS6141
SKU #: 9PR8N
Brand: Hospital Specialty Co.

For use with floor-type sanitary napkin receptacles (sold separately). Application: Sanitary Napkin; Depth: 3 1/4"; Width: 10"; Height: 9".

Price: $31.91 / CT
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Item #: HOS6802W
SKU #: 7XH6Q

Waxed Sanitary Napkin Bags are waxed bags that are meant to line feminine hygiene bins. These sanitary napkin receptacle liners make feminine product disposal more sanitary and easier to clean. Each feminine napkin bag is lined with wax to reduce absorption. Application: Can Liner; Material(s): Paper; Depth: 7"; Width: 8".

Price: $45.38 / CT
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Item #: HOSNEC500
SKU #: 55J8T

Conveniently sized bag for individual sanitary napkin disposal. Pleasantly decorated white paper with blue design. Application: Can Liner; Material(s): Paper; Depth: 2"; Width: 3".

Price: $49.64 / CT
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SKU #: 86K8Y
Brand: Tidy Girl™

Keep restrooms smelling fresh and looking clean with these easy to use pink feminine hygiene disposal bags. Each Tidy Girl bag has step-by-step instructions for proper use and sealed disposal in waste receptacles, preventing the spread of germs and cross contamination. Their use in your facility will reduce plumbing, maintenance and cleanup issues related to clogged toilets, backed up pipes and general restroom maintenance. Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): Waxed Paper; Depth: 4"; Width: 4".

Price: $47.82 / BX
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