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Computer Maintenance

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 Datavac AntiStatic CleanSystem
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Item #: MEVDV3ESD1
SKU #: 1EK5N
Brand: DataVac®

Don't let particles of dust ruin your expensive electronics. The vacuum/blower cleaner includes a HEPA filter--99.97% effective in capturing particles of dust as small as 0.3 microns. Rather than simply redistributing dust, dirt and allergens, this machine makes sure they are captured and held in tightly sealed filter bag. Capable of handling cleaning jobs on a wide-range of machines--from micros to main frames, typewriters, calculators, copiers and laser printers. Equipped with a powerful 2-speed 1.7 HP motor. For safety, cleaner comes with an anti-static wrist-strap grounding the user from generating static. Power: 1.7 hp; Color(s): Black; Filter Types: HEPA; Body Material: Steel.

Price: $434.24 / EA
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SKU #: 9NW7C
Brand: DataVac®

Disposable bag helps ensure an effective cleaning--every time.

Price: $9.29 / PK
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Item #: MEVDVP26RP
SKU #: 12U5H
Brand: DataVac®

Replacement bag for handheld steel vacuum/blower. The replacement bags are a great way to keep your vacuum/blower operating effectively.

Price: $7.03 / PK
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Item #: MEVED500
SKU #: 7AK1T
Brand: DataVac®

Quickly and easily blow dust, lint, and debris off keyboards, computers, printers and other high-tech equipment. Protects your valuable hardware from breakdowns and costly repairs. Power: 500 W; Color(s): White; Body Material: Steel.

Price: $93.14 / EA
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SKU #: 4HH5D
Brand: DataVac®

Stop having to fret over the cleanliness of your computer and let this vacuum cleaner/blower do all the work. Powered by a 0.5 HP motor, this electronic vacuum cleaner removes hair, dust, debris and paper from intricate and tight crevices in a wide range of office equipment. Features a disposable bag for quick and easy cleaning. Lightweight design (3 lbs.), shoulder strap and sturdy steel design make it an ideal tool for workers on-the-go. Power: 0.5 hp; Color(s): Black; Body Material: Steel; Cord Length: 12 ft.

Price: $113.21 / EA
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Item #: MEVTBF7C
SKU #: 41J2X
Brand: DataVac®

For Pro Data-Vac cleaning systems. Five disposable bags and two fiberglass microfilters per pack.

Price: $35.13 / PK
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