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Item #: KMW82024
SKU #: 5FG8X
Brand: Kensington®

Get more comfortable with temperature- and pressure-sensitive memory foam that gently molds to your shape. Leather-like bottom cover reduces movement on chair. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to relieve astronauts of G-force during lift-off. Seat rest includes removable and washable cotton/polyester cover. Back Support Type: Chair; Material(s): High-Density, Temperature-Sensitive Memory Cell Foam; Color(s): Black; Cover Material(s): Cotton; Polyester.

Price: $48.09 / EA
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Item #: MAS91061
SKU #: 5TM6M
Brand: Master Caster®

Forward tilt of the seat cushion relieves stress from the lower spine and pelvic area. Adjust the shape and thickness of the cushion to customize comfort. When used as a back cushion, provides proper seat depth dimension. Adjusts easily for individualized comfort and support. Ideal for use in office, home, car or plane. Adjustable strap holds cushion in place. Memory Foam conforms to the body's natural curves, providing maximum relief. Back Support Type: Chair; Material(s): Polyurethane; Memory Foam; Color(s): Black; Adjustability Features: Adjust Shape/Thickness.

Price: $32.99 / EA
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 Advantus Massaging Lumbar Cushion
This item is returnable.
Item #: AVT602802MR05
SKU #: 3EY9H
Brand: Advantus®

Invigorating massage motor for the lumbar and other back areas. Extra padding provides added support. Soothing heat treatment relieves tired muscles. Use heat with or without massage. Easy to operate buttons on the side of cushion. AC adapter for the home or office; DC adapter for auto use. Back Support Type: Chair; Material(s): Microfiber; Color(s): Black; Cover Material(s): Microfiber.

Price: $53.68 / EA
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