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Carry Out

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Item #: SCC844001PS94
SKU #: 9TN3Z
Brand: Dart®

Food practically sells itself in attractive black-and-clear food boxes, with a smooth, clear lid to enhance food presentation. One-piece package with easy to close lids adds speed and ease of use to the operation. Stackable design helps conserve space. Anti-fog lids make boxes and ideal choice for both hot and cold applications. Durable Leak Guard closure provides security for grab-and-go applications. Microwaveable food boxes allow for ease of reheating. Food Container Type: Hinged Deli Box; Material(s): Polystyrene; Capacity (Volume): 24 oz; Color(s): Black/Clear.

Price: $184.32 / CT
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Printed on 12/11/2018 06:13 AM