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Battery Packs

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Item #: KMW33117
SKU #: 4TP9P
Brand: Kensington®

All-in-one unit provides plug adapters for use in more than 150 countries, ensuring that you'll never need another adapter. Simple slide-out plugs are built-in so you won't have to worry about losing any pieces. Compact, self-contained unit eliminates the tangle of regular adapters for exceptional ease-of-use. Safety release button and built-in fuse ensure safe operation every time. For Device Type: Battery Chargers; Cell Phones; Consumer Electronics 2.5A; Laptops; Small Electronics; Adapter/Charger Type: Plug Adapter; Power Source(s): AC Wall Outlet; Voltage: 110V.

Price: $25.45 / EA
In Stock

Item #: BLKF8J032TT04
SKU #: 5ND7Q
Brand: Belkin®

Charge your iPad® 4th Gen, iPad® mini and iPhone® 5 with this handy charger. The plug rotates 90 degrees to fit into crowded areas and swivels out of the way. The USB 2.0 Port is universal, so you can charge other devices—just disconnect the Lightning™ cable and insert your own. For Device Type: Mobile Devices; Adapter/Charger Type: Wall Charger; Power Source(s): AC Wall Outlet; Connector/Port/Interface: Apple® Lightning™ to USB cable.

Price: $43.25 / EA
In Stock
Printed on 06/25/2019 04:31 AM