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Item #: 7520002643718
SKU #: 5BY3Z

Make your own self-inking stamps immediately with the do-it-yourself stamp kit. Kit includes self-inking stamp, two sets of type and tweezers. Self-inking stamp comes with black ink pad that can be re-inked or replaced. Stamp messages can be changed again and again. Stamp Type: Message; Message(s): Custom; Impression Width: 1/32"; Impression Height: 1/16".

Price: $18.82 / EA
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Item #: 7520012074108
SKU #: 3FT6K

Pre-inked and re-inkable title stamp. Retractable frame keeps stamp surface away from desktop until ready to use. Stamp Type: Message; Message(s): COPY; Ink Types: Pre-Inked; Re-Inkable; Impression Width: 1 3/4".

Price: $10.25 / EA
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Item #: 7520012074151
SKU #: 3JN1Y

This self-inking stamp offers a convenient size and six number bands with digits 0-9 plus a blank and a dash to fit a wide variety of numbering needs. Comes with a black ink pad that can be re-inked or replaced. Stamp Type: Custom Numberer; Message(s): 0-9, Blank, Dash; Number of Lines: 1; Maximum Characters Per Line: 6.

Price: $32.68 / EA
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Item #: 7520012074188
SKU #: 9XF4R

Offers the time and date in one self-inking unit. Turn the dial to point the time of day (AM or PM) in blue, while a four-band dater prints the month, day and year in red. Comes with a red and blue ink pad that can be re-inked or replaced. Includes the word “RECEIVED” on the imprint. Stamp Type: Dater; Message(s): DATE; TIME; Impression Width: 3/16"; Impression Height: 1 1/8".

Price: $58.67 / EA
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Item #: 7520013523019
SKU #: 1NB2R

Compact date stamp provides month, day and year with ten year bands. Self-inking stamp has a built-in ink pad that can be re-inked or replaced. Red ink. Stamp Type: Dater; Message(s): Date & Time; A.M.; P.M.; ANS'D; ENT'D; PAID; REC'D; Ink Types: Self-Inking; Impression Width: 1 3/8".

Price: $31.39 / EA
In Stock
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